Labor Day, do you know why it’s celebrated on the first Monday of September?

Labor Day, do you know why it’s celebrated on the first Monday of September?

The origin of the celebration of this day dates back to 1882, September 5th, when a parade was organized by the noble Order of the Knights of Labor in New York. They were inspired by an event that was already being celebrated in Toronto, Canada, at that time. And two years later, President Grover Cleveland proclaimed the first Monday of September as Labor Day, a federal holiday.

On this Labor Day, we take a moment to extend our sincerest gratitude to the valuable employees of our country. Your tireless efforts and immeasurable dedication form the very bedrock of success, reminding us of the spirit that has propelled the United States into the great nation it is today.

Since the foundational days of this nation, hard work and determination have been the driving forces that have led the United States to achieve great feats and overcome challenges that were once deemed impossible. Each of you, with your daily commitment and passion for what you do, continues to propel forward this legacy of excellence that we proudly uphold.

In this celebration of Labor Day, we not only honor the progress and prosperity we have achieved, but we also recognize that it is all of you who continue to shape our future. Your contribution not only enriches our operations but also strengthens the very fabric of our labor community and this great nation.

Every step you take, every challenge you face, adds to the spirit of overcoming that defines the United States. Happy Labor Day!

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