Thanksgiving: What is it and why do we celebrate?

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Thanksgiving Day, a emblematic event that marks the fourth Thursday of November, has become much more than a simple dinner; it is a celebration rooted in history and gratitude, marking the meeting between two cultures and unity in diversity.

A Challenging Start: Its origin dates back to the arrival of English settlers in America, who, in search of a profitable colony in Virginia, deviated towards New England. The initial winter was relentless, with extreme temperatures and a scarcity of provisions. However, in 1621, fortune smiled upon them with the arrival of Samoset, a Native American whose vital knowledge transformed the colonists’ fortunes.

A Providential Encounter: Samoset not only welcomed them to the continent but also shared essential wisdom. From hunting techniques to corn cultivation methods, his teachings were crucial. With the arrival of autumn, the harvests were plentiful, marking the beginning of a celebration that transcended cultural differences.

Celebration and Gratitude: The inaugural Thanksgiving dinner brought together colonists and natives around a generous table with turkeys, pumpkin pie, and cranberry sauce. This three-day event not only celebrated the harvests but also symbolized unity and gratitude for shared blessings.

Today: The tradition has evolved, but its roots endure. Families gather to share exquisite dinners, where each member contributes to the preparation. It is a time for reflection, expressing gratitude to God for the year’s blessings, and strengthening family ties. Volunteering in community kitchens and sporting events, such as football, has also become integrated into contemporary celebrations.

Gratitude at Creative Personnel: At Creative Personnel, this year we express our deep gratitude for the opportunity not only to help people find employment but to be a bridge between talent and companies. Gratitude, unity, and solidarity remain the pillars of our Thanksgiving celebration. Every day, we give our all to improve our services and attention, to help more individuals and companies every day. We have come a long way, but we know that there is still much ground to cover. Our goal is to generate growth, opportunities, and prosperity with dignity, equality, and respect.

This Thanksgiving Day, let us remember the history that forged it and the spirit of gratitude and unity that resonates in every corner of our society. Let us continue advancing on this collective journey, recognizing that although we have made progress, the path of opportunity generation still extends before us. Happy Thanksgiving!

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