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Here you will find tips that will help you in the process of finding a job.

Things That You Should Not Do At An Interview

What not to do at an interview

Being Successful And Productive At Your Job Being successful and productive at your job requires more than just participation – it involves being proactive about your own performance. How you are doing your job is just as important as what…

7 Ways to Be Productive.

How to being proactive?

Benefits of Being Proactive When people are proactive, they tend to thrive at work and they tend to be more satisfied with their careers because they take action across their career stages and therefore experience more growth in their careers,…

Advantages of Being Proactive?

Are you proactive or reactive?

Being proactive has actually been found as a unique aspect of personality, according to research published in the Journal of Human Performance. When people are proactive, they take initiative to influence their environments and embrace personal agency. They are curious,…

Building a Resume in Five Easy Steps

Building a Resume in Five Easy Steps

Are you trying to land your desired job but don’t know where to begin in the resume process? Creating a captivating and visually appealing resume chronologically can be challenging, and stressful, yet rewarding. In this tutorial, we walk you through…