Tips for the 3rd Shift

Working the night shift is not an easy task; it can have negative consequences if we don’t get enough rest. Especially on the first day, when the body has not yet become accustomed to working at night and sleeping in the morning. It’s all a matter of getting used to, changing habits, and sleeping well in the morning. Following some basic tips will help make the night shift more bearable.

How to cope with the night shift: Tips to protect your mental and physical well-being

Although working night shifts is physically and mentally demanding, many professions have no choice. Let’s see then what practical measures you can take to remedy the side effects of such schedules:

  •  Maintain a balanced diet. When changing schedules, it is common to have breakfast at noon and eat at irregular hours. Therefore, it is so important to take care of your diet and always eat at the same time. It is very helpful to prepare food in advance to avoid eating inappropriate meals such as sandwiches and fast food, which is precisely what should be avoided.
  • Set schedules. It is essential to mark schedules for both sleeping and eating. Just as we incorporate safe habits and routines in workplaces to avoid risks, we must also apply them to our day-to-day life and after a night work shift. The body gets used to routines before going to bed (reading, brushing teeth, showering…) and associates these activities with the time to sleep.
  • Sleep and rest in the morning. Lowering the blinds to prevent light from entering and closing the windows to avoid possible noises is essential for proper rest. And, why not use earplugs? It is also a good option. Try to sleep at least 6 hours. Your body will thank you!
  • Exercise. It’s a way to maintain proper mental well-being. Exercising helps to sleep better, and since it tires you out, it makes it easier to sleep. Top tip!
  • Perform relaxation exercises and active breaks. It helps to disconnect from work and release tension.
  • Limit the consumption of caffeine and stimulants. Don’t overdo it with stimulant drinks like coffee or energy drinks, as they could play tricks on you when you get home, making it difficult to fall asleep. No need to count sheep!
  • Maintain proper hydration and eat light foods during the workday. It’s essential to drink water regularly during the workday and to eat light foods (yogurt, nuts, cereals…) to avoid heavy digestion.

If there’s no choice but to work the night shift, following these tips will help you deal with any physical or psychological problems that may arise, and to make night work affect us as little as possible. Fatigue and sleep disorders can take a toll on your mood. Now that we’ve told you how to face them, use them in your day-to-day to work at night.

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